Sun Studio Student Won Silver Award in the 2015 Ocean Awareness Student Contest

Joyce Wang, from the New Jersey Sunshine Studio, recently won Silver Award with $ 1,000 in the 2015 Ocean Awareness Student Contest.


This year the theme of Ocean Awareness Student Contest is exploring plastic pollution in Oceans. Each year the contest invites high school and middle students to dive into a timely ocean environmental topic. Since it’s inception in 2011, contest submissions have grown by over 50% annually with submissions from more than 15 states plus Canada. After the Sunshine Studio teacher heard of this contest, he encouraged Joyce to participate because she had learned drawing there for two years.


Joyce is a 15-year old high school student. Although she was interested in drawing a long time ago, she officially started learning from basic sketch when she came to Sunshine Studio at age 13. Before that, she had never received any full training in drawing.


At first, she learned sketching, and then the color pencil, acrylic painting, etc. All the techniques went through the steps of boarder and structure outline, positioning, composition and coloring.   After mastering the essentials of drawing with different materials, she greatly improved. In the process, she also learned to infer use one strategy in another artwork.


In addition to participating in this contest, another artwork of hers was published in 2015 Celebrating Arts Contest.


Chinese families generally focus on their children’s education. A lot of Chinese parents hope that their kids can master a few things. Joyce’s mother said that she chose Sunshine Studio because the teachers have a deep knowledge of drawing. They have been drawing teachers for more than 10 years. When the teachers have classes, their patience, detailed and individual guidance are shown.  Based on every student and their ability, the teachers guide them differently. As a result, the students can understand and improve quickly.

Drawing can help children express their rich inner world, showing their dreams and love. Parents finding great teachers for their kids would give wings to their dreams. ◇





新澤西陽光畫室學生Joyce Wang日前榮獲2015年全美關懷海洋學生繪畫大賽(Ocean Awareness Student Contests)銀獎,並獲獎金1000美元。













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