About Us

Impression of Ms. Anna


Ms. Anna from Sunshine Studio has being teaching for the past decade, and she is mostly experienced in early childhood education, and had gained in-depth knowledge drawn from her own experience in teaching children’s art. Patient and kind, she is always encouraging her students with warm smiles on her face. She demonstrates every step in drawing, gives each child maximum attention and encouragement, while observing every child’s progress and shortcoming, and offers feedback to parents. Every child who comes to study in Sunshine Studio likes Ms. Anna, and is enjoying their progress in art in a caring and encouraging environment.Both teachers, Ms. Anna Zhang and Mr. David Fu, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of China Central University for Nationalities in 1996, and have had teaching experience for 10 years.  A number of their students had been admitted to the renowned institutes of fine arts.We’re currently enrolling students aged 4-18.


In regular classes we teach the correct drawing techniques, train students to analysis drawings independent, and foster independent thinking. Over a decade in our teaching we have been focused on cultivating interest in drawing, as well as training on solid basic skills. We had summed up a complete pattern of teaching, which combines imagination and creativity with foundational technique training.Class is given in groups with individual instruction. We adjust our teaching to suit each student’s age, level and goal. We teach traditional drawing techniques and styles, and use the latest fine art educational materials for theories. We put great effort on fostering students’ interest in art combined with training of skills. In the class students learn professional drawing techniques while applying imagination and creativity. We emphasize on sketches, through which the students come to understand the theories and master the techniques.