1 .Kid's Works (includes paper sculpture, scraping paint, color pencil, 3D sculpture, collage and decorative line drawing, cartoon) This class is designed for children aged 4-10 who wish to learn children’s art, watercolor, creative painting. Learning is emphasized on mastering foundational drawing skills and steps, understanding and using the basic composition and proportions, as well as developing the ability for simple structure outline. We foster children's imagination and creativity, laying a solid foundation for their future study of drawing single and multiple objects.

一、kid's works班(kid's works,纸雕塑,刮画,彩铅画,立体雕塑,装饰线描,卡通画)这个是针对4-10岁的小朋友主要学习kid's works,儿童水彩,儿童创意画。这一部分注重绘画方法的学习以及掌握正确的绘画步骤, 学会运用基本的构图和比例及最简单的的造型能力,开发儿童的想象力,创造力,为将来学会从个体的表现和多种物体的表现打下坚实的基础。

2. Intermediate Class(includes sketching geometric shapes, still life sketching, sketching structure, basics of perspectives, watercolor pencils, etc.) At this phase students start receiving formal art training. Sketching is the foundation of painting. Through learning of still life sketch, students develop observation, learn the basis of perspectives and steps in drawing, and increase in ability of structure outline. Creative sketching training is weaved in the still life sketching course to increase imagination and the expression ability in fine arts. Students also learn the contrast of warm and cold colors, color structuring, painting strokes and techniques. They learn to create color painting, and will receive counseling if they wish to participate in art exhibition or competition.


3. Advanced Class(Includes plaster sketch, composition creation, sculpture of structures, watercolor still life, pen drawing, etc.) The main teaching of this section is to use the methods and techniques of drawing learned from the beginner class to solve more complex problems in painting. In fact, learning to paint is to learn the methods, and to establish a pattern in thinking in art. Once learned, one can draw almost anything, and everything can be expressed through art.


4. counseling for college application(preparing portfolio for application to various art institute and colleges, including sketch structure, design sketches, color design, industrial design, advertising design, exhibition design, poster design, print design, mural design, design thinking, material structure, planar form, color composition, etc.) For students interested in art or art-related professions, we offer the following courses: head portrait sketch, bust sketch, body image sketch, scene quick sketch, scenery quick sketch, landscapes painting, figures painting and oil painting, etc. We also offer counseling on selecting school and subject, and a complete and systematic coaching in preparing portfolios.

四、考前辅导(申请各类艺术高中和艺术大学portfolio包括素描结构,设计素描,设计色彩,工业设计,广告设计,展览展示设计,海报设计,印刷设计,壁画设计,设计思维,材料结构,平面构成,色彩构成等)对于有志于从事绘画专业的学生我们有能力开设如下课程: 素描头像,素描半身像,素描全身像,场景quick sketch,风景quick sketch,油画风景,油画人物及油画创作等。很多学画的学生希望报考各类的艺术高中和艺术类大学在选择学校和专业方面,在前往报考时所需要的作品准备方面会给与很完整系统的辅导帮助。